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calcoverviewgifSo, what exactly is a mathcast?

Basically, a mathcast is a screen recording of a person’s written work on an electronic whiteboard that is captured along with their voice. My students and I created mathcasts on a regular basis in my Algebra 2, Pre Calculus, and AP Calculus classes at Woodland High School and implemented mathcasts this year at Maryknoll High School.

Please view How to Create a Mathcast to learn more.

Mathcasts from Woodland High School, 2005-2010:
Mathcasts by Patty Stephens and her students at Maryknoll High School, 2012-2013:

Creating a MathcastPresentations & Articles

View presentations by Patty Stephens (O’Flynn) and articles and press releases about her classroom and mathcast projects.


Grants & Awards

This mathcast project has been generously supported through the following technology grants:

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