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calcoverviewgifSo, what exactly is a mathcast?

Basically, a mathcast is a screen recording of a person’s written work on an electronic whiteboard that is captured along with their voice. My students and I created mathcasts on a regular basis in my Algebra 2, Pre Calculus, and AP Calculus classes at Woodland High School and implemented mathcasts this year at Maryknoll High School.

Please view How to Create a Mathcast to learn more.

Mathcasts from Woodland High School, 2005-2010:
Mathcasts by Patty Stephens and her students at Maryknoll High School, 2012-2013:

Creating a MathcastPresentations & Articles

View presentations by Patty Stephens (O’Flynn) and articles and press releases about her classroom and mathcast projects.


Grants & Awards

This mathcast project has been generously supported through the following technology grants:

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  2. Robin says:

    I am a special education teacher who just recently began teaching Pre-Alg and Alg 1 to learning support students. I am also taking a course as part of a Classrooms of the Future grant and am looking for ways to use technology in my classroom. Students are constantly using tech outside of the classroom with their computers, cell phones, video games etc and I am looking for a way to make math fun, relevant and interesting.

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