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The Sustainable Classroom

The Sustainable Classroom is a classroom technology model that utilizes a broad number of highly visual, interactive technologies with a single computer in order to support the nine instructional strategies that are identified in Robert Marzano’s book Classroom Instruction That Works (Marzano, Pickering and Pollock, 2001).

During the 2005-2006 school year, our classroom at Woodland High School participated in the Sustainable Classroom Grant. Through this grant, we received a Hitachi StarBoard Interactive Display Panel and Hitachi StarBoard Bluetooth Freedom Tablet, AverVision 300i document camera, Hitachi projector, a Califone sound system, eInstruction wireless response system and a subscription to How did all of this technology change our classroom? Students used technology on a daily basis to make learning a more interactive experience. We used “clickers” to get immediate feedback on assignments and quizzes, used our digital whiteboard and document camera to make lessons more interactive and to have students share their work, and used graphics tablets and screen recording software to create whiteboard movies (mathcasts) of student work.

Hitachi America and Troxell Communications kindly donated two Starboard BT-2G Bluetooth tablets to help implement our Qwest Grant mathcast project. Hitachi has also donated a site license for Mult-e-Maths software to Woodland High School!

Videos and Mathcasts

View these technologies and teaching strategies in action:

YouTube Channel: Mathcasts from Maryknoll High School (2012-2013) and Mathcasts from Woodland High School (2005-2010)

Presentations & Articles

View presentations by Patty O’Flynn and articles and press releases about her classroom and mathcast projects.

Tech Resources and Information

Hitachi Software Resource Center features an Educator’s Corner with lessons and software

Vanderbilt Center for Teaching: Student Response Systems gives great examples about the types of questions and activities you can use with your student response system.

I currently teach at Maryknoll High School, a 1-to-1 laptop school, and we use Socrative as a student response system.

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